STEEP: A National Teapot Exhibition

May 7 - May 28

STEEP: A National Teapot Exhibition showcases ceramic work that explores the infinite possibilities of the idea of a teapot, juried by Adam Welch, ceramic artist and ACP Executive Director. 


Exhibiting Artists: 

Juliet Bacchas
Sam Briegel
Nolan Baumgartner
Casey Beck 
Marysia Bohrer
Laurie Caffery
Sue S. Chiu
Rod Dugal
Stuart Gair
Rebecca Graham
Tyler Gulden
Eric Hoefer
Samuel Johnson
Jim Kearns
Emma Kohn
Cindy Laliwala
Liz Lurie
Mathew McConnell
Mariah McLaughlin
Yelena Mijares
Peter Pincus
Debbie Reichard
Eric Rempe
Josh Scott
Yoko Sekino-Bove
Sandra Daulton Shaughnessy
Hitomi Shibata
Taylor Sijan
Judy K. Weddle
Molly Wicks
Joshua Zinder 

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My work has been evolving recently to include more layers, more color and more depth. I’ve been continuing the push to step away from the usual process, which was: draw a shape and fill in the shape. Instead, I’ve been creating organic forms, activating the negative spaces, layering and mixing paints all while continuing to think as if the forms were communicating with each other. For a long time I was compelled to create very crisp and clean lines in my work. The “graphic designer”

Nature Restores

When working in plein air I try to convey the sense of peace that I feel when working outside, surrounded by the light that I attempt to capture. Interacting with nature is an invigorating force and landscape painting is a timeless art form that reflects our past, and our future. The changing seasons of New Jersey echo the rhythms of our lives. The interplay between a tree and the sky or light and shadow represent the essence of our natural world that should be cherished.

Donor Wheel

More than 2,000 donors are acknowledged in this one-of-a-kind sculpture by Joshua Kirsch

Neighborhood Portrait

The Neighborhood Portrait Quilt is part of a permanent exhibition that tells a story of important leaders and residents.