This series of social experiences will introduce you to the endless creativity and innovation in our community. Curated by cultural connoisseurs, these all-inclusive events require no supplies or commitment. Just call your friends and we’ll do the rest!

Funds raised from this series allow us to continue offering free, high-quality community events and outreach programs.

ACP members receive 10% off all ART OF events. If you are a member please contact Emma Stephens to receive your discount code. 


DATE BEING MOVED  |   Free Registration
@ the Arts Council of Princeton
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Instructors from HomeFront’s ArtSpace lead a workshop where participants will upcycle a variety of materials to create a “Gratitude journal” for capturing thoughts and memories. For ages sixteen and up. 

Gratitude  journals are handmade books of recycled and found materials and ephemera. The pages can be used to write, draw, paint or record memories, thoughts, ideas, and inspiration. Spending time journaling, in writing or in images, the things you are thankful for has been shown to have benefits that can lead to a happier and healthier life. Gratitude, and being creative, helps people feel more relaxed and happier.

All materials will be supplied. Although if you have some favorite photos, small collage objects bring them along, so it is more personalized. 

Thursday, July 11

More details and tickets coming soon!

Wednesday, July 31  |  6-7:30pm
@ the Arts Council of Princeton
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Learn to craft cocktails like 3BR mixologists! Back by popular demand, you’re invited to learn the art of creative cocktails, highlighting 3BR’s artfully crafted lineup.
Enjoy an expert-led tasting before refining your mixology techniques. Each attendee will leave with an exclusive bag of 3BR goodies!

Thursday, September 12 at 6pm
Tickets coming soon!

Join Miles Franklin, the Vintage Consultant at H1912 Jewelers, for an engaging discussion on the intricacies of buying, selling, and collecting vintage jewelry and timepieces. Miles breathes life into each piece with captivating stories that go beyond their aesthetic appeal. In this interactive workshop, he will delve into the current landscape of vintage collecting, offering valuable insights and expertise.

Tuesday, October 1

More details and tickets coming soon!

Thursday, November 7  |  6pm
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Join us for a captivating one-hour talk titled “The Art of Thriving in a Toxic World.” In this enlightening lesson, you’ll gain valuable insights into how chemicals in everyday products can impact your health and how to combat them! Melissa Hall Klepacki, M.Ac. will guide you through simple yet powerful swaps you can make in your daily life to reduce your exposure to harmful ingredients. Armed with actionable information, you’ll be empowered to take control of your well-being and embark on a journey towards a healthier and more vibrant life. Don’t miss this opportunity to thrive in a toxic world. Reserve your spot today and start living a healthier, chemical-conscious lifestyle.

*Each participant will have the opportunity to win a gift basket brimming with all-natural, toxin-free products!

Thursday, December 12

More info and tickets coming soon!



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Thursday, June 13  |  5:30-7pm

A well composed taco is a work of art! Sample homemade tacos and margaritas with Viridiana Martinez Weiss, owner of La Lupita Groceries in Princeton. A perfect pairing for a festive summer evening!

Thursday, May 9 |  5:30-7:30pm
@ the Arts Council of Princeton

Explore the rich cultural heritage and diverse forms of Indian Music with international singer and classical musician, Rashika Ranchan.This performance and talk, designed to be informative and interactive, will encompasses different genres, such as, Hindustani Classical, Gazal, Bhajan, Folk, Thumri, Sufi and Film (Bollywood) music. Enjoy this journey of the art, intellectual depth and beauty of Indian music. Lite Indian fare will be served and participants will enjoy a 20% discount (up to $25) after the event at Dvaraka indian Cuisine, located just down the street from the Arts Council of Princeton at 36 Witherspoon Street.

About the Artist
Rashika Ranchan presents unique dimensions and various genres of Indian and contemporary music on stage, tv and at arts & academic institutions across US, UK, Singapore and India. She is also a global social impact changemaker and a leader in strategic philanthropy.

Saturday, March 16  |  7-9pm 
@ The Lewis Center for the Arts

Enjoy a captivating evening of song and spoken word with Pulitzer Prize winning poet Paul Muldoon and his band Rogue Oliphant at the dazzling Lewis Center for the Arts. Lounge and listen, meet fellow music lovers, and sample whiskeys from our tasting table.

Rogue Oliphant, a rock band based in New York and New Jersey, features an intriguing line up of talented musicians including Chris Harford, Ray Kubian, David Mansfield, Cait O’Riordan and Warren Zanes. The band’s third studio album, Highlights of the Low Life, was released in 2022.

Muldoon has published fifteen collections of poetry and won a Pulitzer Prize for Poetry and the T. S. Eliot Prize. At Princeton University he is currently both the Howard G. B. Clark ’21 University Professor in the Humanities and Founding Chair of the Lewis Center for the Arts. He held the post of Oxford Professor of Poetry from 1999 to 2004 and has also served as president of the Poetry Society (UK) and Poetry Editor at The New Yorker.

Sunday, March 10  |  3-4:30pm
@ the Arts Council of Princeton

Alex Pimentel, chocolate connoisseur and owner of Brava Chocolates, will guide this artisanal chocolate making workshop using organic cacao from Peru. Design and make your own custom gourmet chocolate bars to take home! Event designed for families with children ages 10 and up. 

Sunday, March 3   |   3-6pm
@ the Muslim Center of Greater Princeton

We are delighted to be partnering once again with the Muslim Center of Greater Princeton to host an exciting ART OF! Please join us for the “ART OF Contemplating Spirituality and Art” as a range of religious and spiritual leaders discuss the tradition of using art to express the spiritual and the sacred. This event will also feature delicious bites, local art vendors, and an opportunity to get a customized Arabic name calligraphy by artist, Faraz Khan.

Click here to check out list of speakers.

Friday, February 23  |  5:30-7pm
@ the Arts Council of Princeton

Learn ways to strengthen your immune system and keep your mood buoyant during the coolest and darkest months of the year. Join herbalist Dawn Petter from Petalune Herbals to nurture your inner sparkle and boost your immune system with foods and herbal remedies for your daily routine to support your health throughout the winter. Recipes, tastings, and a take home remedy made in class will be included.

Thursday, February 8  |  7-8:30pm  |  BYOB
@ the Arts Council of Princeton

Bring your favorite beverage to sip while chocolate connoisseur, Alex Pimentel of Brava Chocolates helps you design and make your own custom gourmet chocolate bars! Ages 21+.

Tuesday, January 23  |  6-7:30pm
@ The Arts Councol of Princeton

Learn to craft cocktails like 3BR mixologists

Join us to explore the art of crafting two distinct cocktails, highlighting the four essential products within 3BR’s artfully crafted lineup. Enjoy an expert-led tasting featuring 3BR Distillery premium offerings—MENDEL 100% Pea Vodka, KOFI bourbon barrel-aged coffee liqueur, GINGER BEAR ginger honey liqueur, and CHILITROIKA 3 pepper spiced liqueur—setting the stage for a comprehensive understanding of their unique flavors.Attendees will be greeted with a welcome cocktail, the Gingerbread Espresso Martini. Attendees will then learn about 3BR spirits through two craft cocktails: a Pomegranate Spiced Gimlet and a seasonal Old Fashioned. We will also use these cocktails to explore their most recent seasonal release — a collaboration with Beach Bee Meadery, the 010 HONEY distillate. Throughout the session, emphasis will be placed on refining shaking and stirring techniques, ensuring participants grasp the art of mixology at its finest.

To wrap up the experience, each attendee will leave with an exclusive bag of goodies, including a 375 mL bottle of MENDEL vodka.

Sunday, January 14   |   3-4:30pm
@ the Arts Council of Princeton

Join world renowned crossword puzzle author, Mangesh Ghogre, for bagels and coffee as he guides us through the fascinating world of American crossword puzzles. Mangesh has been published in the New York Times and Wall Street Journal, just to name a few.

The event will feature a refresher on crossword-solving basics, exploring different theme types, discover the joy of cute clues and make our own crossword! In this age of artificial intelligence, we promise this event will be a refreshing change to experience our natural intelligence.

Wednesday, December 6  | 6pm
@ the Arts Council of Princeton

Back by popular demand! Rebecca Kutzer-Rice, owner of Moonshot Farm – a specialty cut flower farm in East Windsor, will guide as you create the perfect holiday wreath to help kick off the season. Have some wine and  You will quickly learn why Moonshot classes and events are a community favorite. Wine included! *All wreathmaking materials are completely biodegradable

Wednesday, November 1 | 6pm
@ the Arts Council of Princeton

This experience invites you to explore the world of optimized efficiency, empowering you to automate, outsource, and improve every aspect of your life. You’ll learn to harness innovative strategies and digital tools to streamline tasks, liberate time, and reclaim your mental space. Perfect for those feeling overwhelmed by daily responsibilities, this class will guide you through proven methods and practical tactics to achieve more by doing less, leading you towards a balanced, productive, and stress-free lifestyle. Lesson will be led by Ari Meisel, founder of Less Doing and creator of the Replaceable Founder System of Productivity. He has been featured on TED Talks, NPR, New York Times, and more.

Thursday, October 5 | 5:30pm
@ Judy Brodsky’s Princeton home

A panel of local art collectors and sellers will help to demystify art viewing and collecting. A discussion ranging from learning to trust your taste to resources for finding art you love to live with will give you valuable tools for making art collecting part of your day-to-day life. Refreshments will be served. Click here to learn about the panelists.

Thursday, September 14 | 6pm
@ Grounds for Sculpture at The Seward Johnson Atelier 

Join us for an exclusive tour of the Johnson Atelier. Enjoy a glass of wine or beer and tour behind-the-scenes in the working atelier with Lynn DeClemente Losavio, Program Officer. Hear about their upcoming project, the artists they are working with and all they are doing to build community.

Friday, September 8 | 5:30pm
@  Arts Council of Princeton

Young collectors exist! A point made beautifully clear in The New Antiquarians, the stunning new release by Michael Diaz-Griffith.

The once rarefied world of antiques is bursting open thanks to a new generation of collectors. The New Antiquarians features twenty-two young connoisseurs whose spirited interiors exemplify unorthodox approaches to living with history. Hailing from across the United States and Britain, they brazenly blend the old with the new, embrace anachronism and pastiche, employ serious knowledge with humor and wit, and consider vintage and historical objects through the lens of contemporary values. The New Antiquarians is an exuberant entry point into the world of antiques, highlighting one-of-a-kind collections and the single-minded collectors whose stories suggest compelling new ways of living with the past.

Meet the author, receive your signed copy of The New Antiquarians, and enjoy refreshments during a post-talk reception. This ART OF event will inspire you to collect, or at least begin dreaming about it! After all: three of anything makes a collection, but a collecting practice can be ignited, quietly, by a single bewitching object.

Michael Diaz-Griffith is an art historian, designer, and Executive Director & COO of the Design Leadership Network. Prior to joining the DLN, Diaz-Griffith served as Executive Director of Sir John Soane’s Museum Foundation and as Associate Executive Director of The Winter Show, America’s most prestigious and longest-running art and antiques fair.

Tickets for this fundraising event include a new copy of The New Antiquarians (value: $65). Thank you for supporting the arts!

Thursday, July 27 | 5:30pm
@ Arts Council of Princeton

A well composed tamale is a work of art! Sample three versions of homemade tamales with Viridiana Martinez Weiss, owner of La Lupita Groceries in Princeton, and learn about the long and rich history of this beloved dish. A perfect parnter to the tamale is the Cantarito, a popular Mexican cocktail made with tequila and fresh citrus fruits and juices served in traditional clay jarritos. A perfect pairing for a festive summer evening!

Thursday, June 1 | 5:30-7pm
@ the Arts Council of Princeton

Beer lovers and Epicurous, don’t miss this unforgettable experience! Charles Nouwen, Beer Sommelier and Master Brewer from Belgium, will take you on a journey to enjoy the best of fine beers and boutique cheeses paired together. Through stories, anecdotes and fun facts, you will learn why these two historical farm products are made for each other. Four carefully selected pairings along with artisanal breads and fruits will have your tastebuds singing!

To learn more about Charles, click here.

Saturday, Apri 22 | 7:30-9:30pm
@ Lynne & Joe Kossow’s Princeton home

In the Art of Scotch & Sweets, participants will learn about and sample single malt Scotch Whisky that comes from five different distilleries located mainly in the Scottish Highlands and Islands off the west coast of Scotland. Each whisky has its own distinct aroma, taste, and finish, reflecting the philosophy of its maker and the region from which it hails. Appropriate after dinner pairings will accompany the Scotch, including chocolates, fruits and baked desserts.

Sunday, April 2 | 3:45-5:45pm
@ the Arts Council of Princeton

Back by popular demand! Chocolate connoisseur, Alex Pimentel, will guide this artisanal chocolate making workshop using organic cacao from Peru. Design and make your own custom gourmet chocolate treats to take home! Adults and children above the age of 7 (with a parent or guardian) are all welcome.

Sunday, March 12 | 4-6pm
@ the Muslim Center of Greater Princeton 

Hosted at the Muslim Center of Greater Princeton, this ART OF experience celebrates the customs of Ramadan and Iftar. Ramadan is a holy month for Muslims across the globe, where one abstains from food and water from sunrise to sunset. The meal that is eaten to break the fast at sunset is called Iftar.

Join us for Iftar as we learn more about this sacred month, its traditions, and the foods that go along with it.

Guests will enjoy tasty bites from Khan Baba restaurant and insightful conversation during this inter-faith gathering. Guests will also have the opportunity to get a personalized name calligraphy to take home. Tours will also be available of the center after the event. 

Thursday, March 9 | 5:30pm
@ the Arts Council of Princeton

Take a shot and experience the ART OF Distilling!

Nestled in the rolling Sourland Mountains of the Hopewell Valley, family-owned Sourland Mountain Spirits lovingly distills, ages, fills, and labels award-winning spirits highlighted by their double gold medal flagship gin. Led by co-founder, Erica Disch, this intimate tasting experience consists of the exploration of three different Sourland Mountain Spirits. Erica will immerse you in the aromas and flavors of a true craft experience.

Each participant will receive a hand-crafted ceramic tasting glass made by Arts Council of Princeton Executive Director and award-winning ceramicist Adam Welch. Enjoy light refreshments as you sip your spirits!

Saturday, March 4 | 10:30-11:30am 
@ the Arts Council of Princeton

Play allows children to use their creativity while developing their imagination, dexterity, and physical, cognitive, and emotional strength. Preschool teacher Bentley Drezner will host a fun and collaborative workshop for preschoolers and their caregivers to explore free and easy ways to promote creative play. Bagels, juice, and coffee will follow.

El juego permite que los niños utilicen su creatividad junto con el desarrollo de la imaginación, su físico, y su fuerza emocional. El Profesor Bentley Drezner de Preescolar va a presentar un taller para estudiantes de preescolar y a sus padres , o cuidadores. Este taller le va a enseñar como pueden promover la imaginación y juego creativo en una manera que es gratis y fácil para todos. Y Después del taller vamos a tener café y rosquilla.

Friday, February 10 | 5-7pm
@ the Arts Council of Princeton

Give pottery a whirl! Award-winning ceramicist and ACP Executive Director Adam Welch will introduce you to the basics of throwing on the potter’s wheel. Watch a quick, detailed demo on the wheel — then it’s your turn! You throw, choose your glaze, and we take care of the rest. Your finished piece will be ready for pick-up in a few weeks.

Tickets include this small-group tutorial and a glass of wine. No experience required, just come eager to play with clay and have some fun.
Sunday, January 22 | 3-4:30pm
@ the Arts Council of Princeton
Chocolate connoisseur, Alex Pimentel, will guide this artisanal chocolate making workshop using organic cacao from Peru. Design and make your own custom gourmet chocolate bars to take home! Adults and children above the age of 10 are all welcome.

Saturday, January 21 | 7-11pm
@ the Arts Council of Princeton

Dress in your best red threads and immerse yourself in Salsa and Bachata with instructor Mike Andino of Estilo Dance Studio!  After you’ve perfected your moves, the music by DJ Poli, one of Philly’s top Latin DJs, will keep you on the dance floor all evening. Enjoy beer and wine and dinner. No partner or experience needed!

Proceeds from this fundraiser will support smART kids, the Arts Council’s arts enrichment program for our community’s middle school students from low to moderate income families. Thank you for helping us build community through the arts.

Thursday, December 1 | 6-7:30pm
@ the ACP

Rebecca Kutzer-Rice, owner of Moonshot Farm – a specialty cut flower farm in East Windsor, will guide as you create the perfect holiday wreath or centerpiece to help kick off the season. You will quickly learn why Moonshot classes and events are a community favorite.

Thursday, November 10 | 6-8pm
@ Kathy & Jamie Herring’s Princeton home

Learn to navigate life’s uncertainties and use astrology to paint a portrait of your life. Join Debora Haines, author of Moonstones: Fall Equinox for dinner and explore how astrology, astronomy and gemology can help us better understand our nature and the complexities of the personalities which surround us. Each attendee will receive a copy of Moonstones: Fall Equinox, a novel which draws inspiration from years spent studying the art of astrology. 

Saturday October 22 | 6-9pm
@ the home of Michelle & George Lambros

Join us to celebrate Karima Muyaes, an internationally renowned Mexican artist. The evening will feature an artist talk from Karima and dinner hosted at Michelle and George Lambros’ art-filled Princeton home. View Karima’s work on exhibit in our Solley Lobby Gallery October 17 through November 7.

Sunday October 9 | 5-6:30pm
@ Arts Council of Princeton

Join Terra Momo’s Carlo Momo and wine expert Lionel de Ravel as they continue their battle to determine which country offers superior wines: Spain or France. After tasting four wines from two storied old-world wine producing countries, you will be ready to take a side!  Enjoy light refreshments and wine related banter. 

Admission includes a bottle of wine from a collection curated by Carlo and Lionel. 

Saturday October 1 | 10-11am
@ Arts Council of Princeton

Play allows children to use their creativity while developing their imagination, dexterity, and physical, cognitive, and emotional strength. Preschool teacher, Bentley Drezner, will host a fun and collaborative workshop for preschoolers and their caregivers to explore free and easy ways to promote imagination and creative play. A bagel and coffee breakfast will follow! 

Sunday September 18 | 3-4:30pm
@ Grounds for Sculpture

Join Grounds for Sculpture Horticulturist, Janis Napoli, to tour the spectacular grounds and learn about the wide variety of native and exotic trees and plants that grace the 42-acre sculpture park and museum. 

Sunday, June 9 |  2-3:30pm  |  Family friendly
@ the Arts Council of Princeton

For all ages 10 and up 

Join artist Jacqui Alexander for an afternoon of chemistry & creativity in the ART OF Cyanotype. Cyanotype is a basic photographic process that uses the sun’s UV rays to create shadowy silhouettes against a vibrant blue background. Learn all about the technique—which dates back to the 1840s—before trying your hand at creating cyanotype printed cloth napkins or scarves using your own found and gathered objects. Ideas of what to bring: pressed flowers or leaves, feathers, shells, jewelry or trinkets, lace, small toys, cut paper stencils… anything that can lay flat to create a silhouette on your surface!