Traditional Tlingit Artist

Fall 2024

The Arts Council of Princeton is proud to announce nationally renowned Alaskan Tlingit artist, Nathan Jackson, as our fall 2024 Artist-in-Residence. The project “Monumental Sculptures: Understanding the Totem Poles of the Northwest Coast”, will be honoring and celebrating the artwork of the Tlingit peoples of the Northwest Coast. 

Mr. Jackson will be carving a totem pole that will then be transported and displayed at the Arts Council of Princeton. He will begin the carving at the Edwin DeWill Carving Center in Saxman Native Village, Alaska, and, after shipment of the pole to New Jersey, will complete the carving at the ACP in 2024. During his stay in Princeton, Mr. Jackson will be featured in a series of events that include public carving demonstrations, panel discussions, student workshops, and a traditional dance performance. Mr. Jackson will have an allocated carving space at the ACP’s Paul Robeson Center for the Arts, open to the public throughout the week, and will offer designated carving demonstrations that involve opportunities for visitors to ask questions and engage in discussion. 


February 6, 2024: Theme Identified (stay tuned for announcement!)

March 28, 2024: Tree is identified

April 12, 2024: Tree is milled 

September 16 – 26, 2024: Nathan travels here to Princeton to complete carving

September 27, 2024: Dedication Ceremony and “Carver’s Dance”

Progress Pictures:


Funding from the National Endowment for the Arts and our partnership with Bloomberg

and Timothy M. Andrews, longtime supporter of the Arts Council of Princeton, and generous supporter the Anne Reeves Artist-in-Residence program.