Rex Goreleigh (1902 – 1986)

Collection of Shirley A. Satterfield

Gift of Youth Communications Inc., in Memory of F.G. Clark, 1996

The artist Rex Goreleigh made Princeton his home beginning in 1946 when he was called upon by the new Princeton Group Arts organization to be an instructor and later, its executive director. By that time, Goreleigh was already a well-established painter, having studied in Europe and the Art Institute of Chicago and exhibited his work at the Baltimore Art Museum and other art institutions around the United States.

Princeton Group Arts was an integrated art school for children. Although the school folded in 1953, Goreleigh continued his involvement in local arts organizations, including the Princeton Art Association, and as an early board member of the Arts Council of Princeton. His Studio-on-the-Canal, at the foot of Alexander Street, offered instruction in painting, drawing, printmaking and ceramics, for 24 years.