a drawing challenge collaboration

We are proud to partner with Inktober, an international drawing challenge, to encourage positive art-making habits within our Princeton community.

Jake Parker created Inktober in 2009 as a challenge to improve his inking skills and develop positive drawing habits. Inktover has since grown into a worldwide endeavor with thousands of artists taking on the challenge every year.

Inktober is held virtually throughout the month of October, when, each day, anyone participating in the challenge creates an ink drawing and posts it to social media. A provided list of prompts guides artists of all skill levels to create a new drawing every day, and participants are welcomed and encouraged to interpret the inspiration as literally or imaginatively as they’d like.  

To encourage our Princeton community of artists and art-lovers to explore the challenge, ACP teaching artist Barbara DiLorenzo will host free virtual drawing sessions on Wednesday evenings from 7-8pm, beginning September 27 and continuing weekly through October.  

At the conclusion of the month, participants are invited to contribute one of their Inktober drawings to an exhibition to be shown at the Arts Council, opening this December.  

Registration to participate in Inktober is not required, but helpful information, material suggestions, and tips and tricks can be found at


  • Check out the Inktober Official Prompt List above.
    • Take a look at the list of prompts that will be inspiring folks all around the world to draw. 
  • Find a pen and some paper and get drawing!
    • Follow the prompt as loosely or literally as you’d like. Your drawings can be fully fleshed out or doodles, sketches, comics – whatever you’d like.
    • You can start with pencil and add ink over top, if you’d like.
    • The traditional way to approach the project is to solely use ink, but if you’re called to use your favorite medium to tackle the prompt, go for it. 
    • If you’re curious what materials Jake, founder of Inktober, recommends, click here.
  • Join us for a free virtual “Draw-Along” with Barbara
    • We’ll be on Zoom every Wednesday to have fun drawing together, no matter your geographical location. Find the links to register below.
  • Post your daily drawing to Instagram with the hashtags #inktober and #ACPinktober.
    • The first will add you to the collection of work coming in from thousands of your fellow Inktober participants, and the second will serve as our own ACP-specific collection. This way, you can follow along with those drawing with Barbara and discover new talent.
  • Keep going! Draw every day throughout the month of October, or however your schedule allows.
    • If you miss a day, don’t sweat it! You can do one drawing a day, or three drawings a day, or all 31 at once! No rules, as long as your pushing yourself to develop your drawing habits.


Each session is free to participate via Zoom and will run from 7-8pm.

Sessions are recorded and uploaded to the Arts Council’s YouTube channel. Click the button below for free access.

Questions? Shoot us a message.
Thank you to Inktober for the opportunity!