Member-Artist of the Month: Kirsten Jade

Meet Kirsten Jade, local artist + ACP Member
Tell us about yourself and your art!

My name is Kirsten and I am the owner and artist behind my brand, Beyond the Wildflowers. I chose this name for my business because it is a reflection of my personal name. Kirsten comes from a Scandinavian origin and means “flowers of life”. My name and business name blended perfectly together!

I started my business at the age of 17 (currently 26) and watching my brand grow all these years has really helped me shape my artist identity. I currently hold an A.A. in studio art and a B.A. in Psychology & Fine Art with a concentration in sculpture and 3-D design. Although I have an education in art, I found that most of my skill sets were obtained through self taught and life experiences within the art community.

What inspires your artwork?

My botanical artwork is inspired by nature itself and all the beauty it has to offer. With my farming background and understanding of flowers,I became fascinated with the growth and decay of flowers. I enjoy the process of being able to preserve flowers and watching them transform as they die. It is a full cycle of life and death as seen through nature. My floral designs are inspired by mandalas which are also a reflection of the circle of life. I curate that into my glassware as I create a layout to reflect those themes.

Who are some of your favorite artists?

Some of my favorite artists are Vincent Van Gogh and Georgia O’Keeffe. I cherish their work deeply, as they became the first two artists I was ever introduced to. I was fasincated and inspired by their artist journey’s and watching their work unfold through time. Although I am not a painter, their work, stories and artist identities still inspire my work and my own artist identity!

How did you become an artist?

I knew at the age of  8years old I was going to be an artist. I used to paint flowers and always enjoyed my flower garden and farm life on my family farm. I was very connected to nature from a young age. My grandparents are the main reason I am an artist today. They saw my passion and drive for creativity when I was a child and really created a space for me to thrive as an artist. I was always around art, events, and creativity! They introduced me to the world of vending and art markets when I was 17, and from there my journey truly began as an artist and small business owner. Lucky to have them both as continued supporters all these years!

What is inspiring you these days?

I am constantly being inspired from other artists and vendors in the art community today! From business models, to booth layouts, to seeing what others create just inspires me in many ways! It also leaves gentle reminders of why I am also an artist and create the work that I do! It feels so special to have found my people and community!

Where can people find you?

Website | Instagram | Email: [email protected]If anyone is interested in working with me for private commissions, I specialize in wedding, funeral, and other floral preservation. I do any custom floral work into my antique glassware, resin arches and frames. For more info please visit my instagram to find the most relevant updates! My website is also available and open to shop, view, and contact me directly!