Staff Ramblings: Courtney Rohrig

Get to know the folks that make up the Arts Council's team! in this edition, you'll meet staff member Courtney rohrig, reception.

The Art of Collecting
Recently I was reminded of a collection I started when I was little: glass roosters. I have no idea how or why that began, but anywhere I went, if I found one it came home with me. Today, they are boxed away in the attic awaiting a shelf to be perched on when I have the space. I guess that was when the thrill of “treasure hunting” began for me.

Collecting unique oddities stirs up many conversations. It can give insight into a person, or do the complete opposite. Searching for that specific piece or an object from a particular time frame is its own art form. Sometimes I will go down a rabbit hole online, endlessly searching. Other times, the object finds me. Collecting is like a giant puzzle that always has one piece missing.

Currently, one of my new objects of desire are old paintbrushes. Ones covered in years of paint, wide, short, natural bristle, wooden handles, special markings. There is just something about knowing that they were used in many walks of life. Soon enough, that collection may be shared, or hung on a wall, changing the brush from tool to art.

As my rambling comes to an end, I hope it resonates with you that those quirky collections you may have, are art themselves. That finding a unique oddity for the first time can lead to the best treasure hunt. It started with a glass rooster for me and has never stopped.